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The company was established in June 2013 and is headquartered in Shenzhen. It has established a complete sales and service system in Dongguan, Anhui and other regions, and has multiple industrial bases in South China, East China, and North China. Based on the field of optical communications, the company develops 5G communications product device business and integrated solution services in the three major business segments of "fiber optic cable, intelligent access, and military informatization".

  • The company adopts unique "intelligent manufacturing technology and refined mode" to make the production efficiency higher than the industry average, that is, the product manufacturing cost is lower than 30% of the industry average, and the product is highly profitable. The company has established a competitive market position in the 5G communication field with its competitive advantage of "high-profitability" products, giving the company a place in the 5G communication field.

Shenzhen Hengfan Communication Technology Co., Ltd. is a rare domestic 5G communication field relying on independent innovation technology, adopting unique "customized high-end intelligent manufacturing technology and refined manufacturing mode" integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and technical services Developed 5G optical communication product provider and solution provider. The company has always focused on the improvement and optimization of independent core technology accumulation and selected management mode, and continued to consolidate and extend its core product system to maintain its competitive advantage in the market.

The company’s product or service model mainly includes two aspects: "comprehensive solutions and 5G communication products". The "comprehensive solutions" mainly include 5G fronthaul solutions, data center solutions, online monitoring solutions, smart park solutions, and smart Building solutions, smart prison solutions and other professional solutions in multiple fields, and continue to upgrade and transform to an ICT system integration service provider; in terms of "5G communication products", it mainly includes 5G optical cables, chassis cabinets, optical modules, and optical distribution products And network cables, etc. The company has focused on the field of optical communications for many years, and has accumulated rich customer resources and raw material supplier resources. The company’s customers include but are not limited to the “three major telecom operators, Alibaba Cloud, China Southern Power Grid, Guangdong Network, China Tower, Fujian Radio and Television Network, In addition, the company has signed strategic cooperation with most domestic enterprises and established long-term in-depth business cooperation, such as "Special Information (000070), YOFC (601869), Hengtong Optoelectronics (600487) ) And Guangzhou Yeston Technology" and so on.

Looking forward to the future development strategy plan, in the technical field, in order to maintain the company's industry-leading production and manufacturing technology advantages, the company will continue to consolidate the "5G communication high-end intelligent manufacturing" technology, and achieve industry-leading manufacturing level with the refined production and manufacturing management mode; In the business area, the company will expand the domestic and foreign markets through the highly profitable competitive advantages of 5G communication products, expand the company's profitability, enhance the company's market competitive position, and develop and expand the company's scale.

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