Huawei signed two agreements with shenzhen Guangming District Government and Shenzhen Bay Laboratory




On July 21, shenzhen Guangming District government, Shenzhen Bay Laboratory and Huawei Technologies Co LTD signed two strategic cooperation agreements. Based on the agreement, the parties will work together to promote the combination of technological advantages and industrial chain advantages, and better serve the development of shenzhen's science and technology industry and jointly enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the greater Bay Area's science and technology industry chain through joint innovation and technology implementation.

At the scene of the conference, the guangming District government and Huawei industrial joint innovation base was officially inaugurated. In the future, in the construction of the joint innovation base, Bright Science City and Huawei also plan to set up intelligent manufacturing and life science innovation Center, F5G Innovation Center, comprehensive intelligent energy innovation Center and digital transformation talent training center, to accelerate the source innovation in life science, artificial intelligence, new energy and other fields.

At the same time, combining with the shenzhen PengCheng agent of overall planning, light zone will work together with huawei, promote the building of "agent" city of light, the top design, the construction and operation in the field of continuous investment, improve citizens, enterprises and the experience of city managers, provides the high quality for the high quality talents gather light work living environment, To build an all-optical connection, green and low-carbon, with the ability of self-evolution of the urban agent pilot demonstration area.

Guo Ping, huawei's rotating chairman, said in his speech: "It is huawei's constant strategy to continuously create value for customers and partners. The opening of the 'Guangming Science City Industrial Joint Innovation Base' marks that Huawei will be more deeply involved in the construction of guangming Science City and the wave of industrial development. Relying on the continuous operation of 'one base with four centers', We will cooperate more closely with bright research institutions and enterprises in areas such as life sciences and intelligent manufacturing, F5G all-optical industry and digital energy."

It is understood that since 2018, Guangming District and Huawei have carried out comprehensive cooperation in the field of smart city, and jointly completed a series of projects including national leading smart transportation, enterprise service, smart city management and smart community. In addition, excellent enterprises in Guangming district, such as Huaxing Optoelectronics, Ophiopei, Xinwangda, Derun Electronics, etc., have a long-term and profound cooperation with Huawei, which has fostered a healthy regional industrial ecology and played a significant role in promoting the industrial development of guangming District.

In march, the light district government and the company to achieve strategic cooperation intention, the two sides focus on intelligent industry, new materials and life sciences industry direction, give full play to their respective resource advantages, the use of huawei in the cloud, AI the core advantage of a new generation of information technology, build "huawei - science city light industry joint innovation base", Accelerate the transformation of basic scientific research and achievements, empower the industrial development of guangming district, and build an innovative demonstration of intelligent agents and social governance in guangming city.

In addition, the shenzhen bay lab and huawei company strategic cooperation intention, and also on BT + IT fusion related field, biological medicine and molecular imaging field of neurodegenerative diseases and brain science research, intellectual property rights and transfer into in-depth cooperation, strengthen the practical application of the scientific and technological innovation, driving the development of innovation ecosystem.

After the signing, light district government will with huawei, around the area of light "to build a world-class academic city and shenzhen north central" target for the center, and combining the guangming science city's overall development plan (2020-2035), in the original innovation, high quality development, city agent first demonstration area, kechuang industrial ecology and so on four aspects, And carry out all-round and in-depth cooperation in basic research, commercialization of achievements, industrial application and joint innovation, so as to jointly promote the formation of core competitiveness of both sides in innovation level upgrading, competitive industries upgrading and future industry cultivation.

Shenzhen Bay Laboratory will join hands with Huawei to serve the development of life science, medicine, molecular imaging and other related industries in Guangming District and Shenzhen. The two sides will integrate their advantages and carry out in-depth cooperation in fields related to BT+IT integration, biomedical fields, scientific research in the field of molecular imaging and brain neurodegenerative diseases, intellectual property rights and achievement transfer and transformation, and jointly solve key technical bottlenecks and difficulties faced by the industry.

The forms of cooperation mainly include: jointly holding academic exchange meetings, jointly promoting scientific research project cooperation, jointly promoting the transformation of innovative achievements, jointly building high-quality intelligent laboratories and intelligent parks, etc. In addition, SHENZHEN Bay Laboratory/Peking University also highlighted the collaboration with Huawei Company MindSpore Molecular Simulation Library (SPONGE). The software has the characteristics of high performance, modularity and so on. It is easy for the field researchers to realize the theory and algorithm quickly, and promote the integration of artificial intelligence and molecular simulation.